2014 Urban Ecology and Conservation Symposium

The 12th annual symposium was held at Portland State University on Monday, February 10, 2014.  Even with the 2-hour late start due to "Winter Blast," the event was another well-attended great success.  Thanks to all who participated!    

Please CLICK HERE if you would like to view or download the proceedings.  You have the opportunity to hear some of the symposium topics presented in more detail through our First Friday Brown Bag series.  Feel free to take a look at the schedule of upcoming talks on this web site, and join us for any presentations that interest you.

2013 Urban Ecology & Conservation Symposium

The Urban Ecology and Conservation symposium held on February 11, 2013 was a great success!  Thanks to all who participated and attended.  The proceedings are available here.

Brown Bag Series

On an approximately monthly basis, UERC hosts brown bag talks. The speakers and topics are selections from the symposium that occurred at the beginning of the year. Most topics were identified by symposium attendees as being of great interest for the more in-depth format that is possible in the brown bag series. All talks are free of charge.

For more information, please visit the pages on:

What is the UERC?

The UERC is a consortium of people from various educational institutions, state and federal agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations and businesses, as well as independent professionals and students, interested in supporting urban ecosystem research and creating an information sharing network of people that collect and use ecological data in the Portland/Vancouver area.

The mission of the UERC is to advance the state of the science of urban ecosystems and improve our understanding of them, with a focus on the Portland/Vancouver metropolitan region, by fostering communication and collaboration among researchers, managers and citizens at academic institutions, public agencies, local governments, non-profit organizations, and other interested groups.

The role of the UERC is not to provide a political or advocacy platform, but rather to offer a forum for professionals to exchange and discuss information regarding urban ecology and its application to relevant fields.